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Review: Flight Deck Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Manifest

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I found myself squeeing when I first applied Flight Deck Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Manifest – it’s a perfect dupe in color for my all-time favorite lip gloss. And after I finished wear-testing it, I found that it was also a perfect dupe – if not better! – for the formula.

I think I can be a bit away-from-the-norm in my preferences for lip gloss formulas: I actually prefer a slightly sticky texture, and I don’t like them to be slippery at all. I don’t have the most prominent or well-defined lip line, so any lip products that are too creamy or have too much slip just don’t do it for me. I hate having lip gloss or lipstick all over my face by midday, and that’s what happens with smooth, buttery formulas. Flight Deck Cosmetics Lip Gloss has that sort of grippy thickness that I love in a gloss, and it also means that it wears well without having to reapply. Unlike thinner glosses that will tend to soak into your lips in short order, this lip gloss wears on and on. I only needed to add more after eating, which is par for the course with every gloss I’ve come across!

The color is a flattering cotton candy pink with very subtle micro-shimmer that looks amazing on my pinky-cool skin. It’s definitely sheer but with just enough pigment to add a little pop that brightens my face, almost in a “Did you do something different with your hair?” kind of way.

I’m not at all scent-sensitive with my makeup products, unless the scent is basically perfume-y and really lingering (some Guerlain products come to mind…). These glosses have that soft vanilla scent that MAC lip products have – it’s pleasant without being at all overpowering, and it fades pretty quickly after application. I don’t mind it at all, and it actually kind of gives you that “ooh!” feeling when you first open it up and apply. Just creamy and soothing.

If I didn’t already have colors that are spot-on dupes or otherwise too-similar, I’d be scooping up the other shades Davine has on offer. When I tested them out on the back of my hand, I was impressed by Compliance’s smooth, even color payoff (that’s the red), and Altitude was a very pretty coral. Even though Secure is quite sheer, it’s the kind of super-neutral beige that makes me look like a zombie, so I steered clear. It would probably work better on someone who has more depth to their complexion.

I would absolutely recommend these glosses to anyone with preferences that are in line with mine, or if you’re looking for a gloss that will stand up to a day of air travel – these babies are built to last!

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