Frequently Asked Questions

When should I secure my date?

Most of our clients secure their date between 8-12 months in advance. Saturdays, holidays, and unique dates (11-11-11, etc) have the highest demand and are booked first.

What are trials? Are they required?

A trial is a one-on-one session with me at my studio in Burlingame. The purpose of a trial is for you to test out your desired look before the actual event. While I highly encourage all clients to schedule a trial session prior to their booking, it is not required in order to confirm a booking. All trials are scheduled during weekday evenings and must have an appointment.

Trial sessions begin with a consultation, during which I will review any ideas you have and photos you’ve brought along to determine your goals for the event. The session will run for up to three hours, so please plan ahead when making your appointment. All trial sessions end with professional-quality photography so that you can review your trial look later on. Trial photos are sent digitally the same day of the session, but prints can be ordered for an added fee.

Do you travel or do on-location hair and makeup?

Absolutely! My on-location service is included for all local bookings, and out-of-area bookings can have on-location service added at an extra cost. For details of what is included and when fees are added, please review my policies and rates pages as well as the inclusions in your contract.

What is included in your on-location services?

I will arrive with a large trunk containing all of my supplies: a beautiful lighted mirror, makeup cases, brushes, palettes, disposables, etc. All on-site items will be coordinated in advance, so you do not need to worry about any of the planning. I will ensure everything is ready and available to service your event! I will be able to setup and tear down the station within 15 minutes, and there will be no clean-up necessary after I leave.

I'm concerned about my health and safety. Is your equipment clean?

Yes, my clients’ safety and health is paramount, so I take cleanliness very seriously. For secifics on my cleaning practices, please visit my page detailing how I keep my equipment clean.

How can I plan the timing for the day of my event?

I will provide a detailed schedule for you based on what services you book and how many people will be served on the day of your event. We will go over this during the contract preparation stage so that you can know what to expect before finalizing your booking. Feel free to share the schedule with anyone involved in the booking or event so that you have one less thing to explain to your attendees.

If I cannot schedule a trial, will I still be able to confirm a booking?
Absolutely, I’m more than happy to confirm bookings even when clients cannot schedule a trial. If you would like to arrange for a virtual trial instead of an in-person session, please contact me for more information.
I have sensitive skin. Are you able to accommodate my skin's needs?

I have sensitive skin myself, so I completely understand your worry! All of the products I use are first tested on my own skin – I will never use something on any of my clients that causes my skin own skin to react badly. I also prioritize finding products that are free of fragrances, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, and other common irritants.

One of the benefits of scheduling a trial session is that you can see first-hand how your skin will react to the products I use on you. If you have an allergic reaction to anything I use, I will be more than happy to schedule a second trial at no charge to see if I can work with alternative products to create your look.

I am also happy to accommodate particular brand preferences and bans. I work with a great number of different brands, as I feel all have their strengths and weaknesses from product to product. If you prefer that I use a specific brand or know that you always react to one or another, please tell me during our initial consultation!

Additionally, I am always willing to use a client’s own products during an event. If I will be using any of your own  makeup, it is imperative that you schedule a trial in advance of the event so that I can familiarize myself with how your products work, apply, blend, and wear. You will obviously get to take your products home with you at the end of the trial session and your event.

Finally, even with all of these precautions, I can never guarantee you will not have a poor reaction to the products I use. I have never had a client react to anything at this point, but that does not mean it will never happen in the future. For this reason alone, I would like to reiterate the importance of scheduling a trial if you have sensitive skin.

Can I reduce the number of services I have booked after securing my date?

Yes, but depending on the amount of notice you are giving, there may be change fees involved. Please view my policies page for details on making changes to your booking.

Can I increase the number of services I have booked after securing my date?

Yes, as long as I have the time available and can book additional staff resources if necessary. Please view my policies page for details on making changes to your booking.