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Review: Flight Deck Cosmetics Lipstick in Reserve

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I often have difficulty with nude lip colors, as I’m incredibly pale with cool undertones. If a color is to beige or yellow, or if it’s too pale, I can easily look like a member of the walking dead. Fortunately, Flight Deck Cosmetics nude lipstick shade – Reserve – is an absolutely perfect pinky-warm neutral!

As with my lip gloss preferences, I think I can be a little away-from-the-norm with my lipstick preferences: I again don’t like anything too smooth and buttery, and I like it to have excellent cling. I think part of why I don’t mind sticky lip product formulas is because I’m not a smoosher – I press my lips together, briefly, and I never smoosh and rub them. With a quick press, you wouldn’t notice a formula being smooth and slippery even if it was, so that experience is lost on me. I also don’t expect my colored lip products to multi-task. When I need moisture and conditioning, I use a lip balm, and to make sure I never get to the point where that’s all I can manage to tolerate for a day, I use it nightly before bed and again first thing when I wake up. This way I never need my lipstick to do double-duty as a balm.

Anyway, I digress a bit… Flight Deck Cosmetics Lipstick is perfect in my book. It applies smoothly and evenly without being too creamy and soft. The pigmentation is high and doesn’t settle into lines. It’s not so buttery that it bleeds all over my face, but it’s not drying and uncomfortable either. Just plain spot-on!

Reserve is, as I said, a perfect nude that will work on many (if not all) skin tones. It’s pinky, but just barely so, and it isn’t so pale that it would look odd on complexions that are deeper than mine.

Like the lip gloss, there is a creamy vanilla scent that fades quickly. It isn’t in any way off-putting, just pleasant.

The wear time on this is great, and the formula is so spot-on that I never felt the need to add more simply because my lips were starting to become parched. It stayed put until I ate something, and I’m sure if I had been more careful with my eating that I would’ve gotten away with another hour or two of wear without reapplying.

While I’m always in the market for good nude lip colors, I have my tried-and-true favorites in other shades. That’s the only reason I didn’t pick up any of the other shades on offer from Davine. They all swatched beautifully when I was testing them on the back of my hand, so even though I haven’t worn them, I’m positive they wouldn’t disappoint.

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