I am particularly cognizant and thorough about my sanitation and cleanliness practices. Especially when it comes to beauty services, you want to ensure your chosen vendor exhibits the highest standards in their application and cleaning techniques. You can rest assured that hiring me for your event will not compromise your health in any way, as I take cleanliness very seriously and employ the best makeup industry techniques and practices. If you would like details on the measures I take to prevent contamination and ensure the well-being of all of my clients, read on…

Product Selection

Obviously quality and value are top concerns when I am selecting products to replace or add to my make-up case. However, I also place a high priority on the ability to avoid contamination between clients, so products either must be usable with a separate palette or easily disinfected. The one product in every artist’s arsenal that doesn’t fit this bill is mascara – and for that reason, each of my clients is either provided with his or her own, brand new mascara to keep after the event, or I will ask that you bring your favorite mascara along with you to the event.

Makeup Brushes

One thing you’ll notice as soon as I start unpacking at your event is the sheer volume of brushes I bring along. Having a ready selection of an excess number of brushes available at the event makes it easy for me to choose fresh, clean brushes throughout the session, rather than reusing brushes that have already touched my client’s skin – for products that cannot be used on a palette and must be disinfected at the end of the day, this enables me to dramatically reduce the risk of contaminating the product and ensures the disinfection process is effective.

I also clean and dry my brushes with high quality, professional cleanser between every client. If you think the number of brushes I bring to your event is a lot, you should see my entire collection! At any given time, I’ll have at least some brushes still drying in my studio after being cleaned. Having so many brushes available makes it easy for me to come to your event with plenty of clean, disinfected brushes.

Lipstick, Gloss, Foundation, etc.

All cream-based products will first be dispensed from their containers onto a palette before being applied with a clean brush. While using disposable palettes is obviously the best way to ensure there is no transfer from one client to the next, I also strive to be environmentally-conscious with my work, so I use high-grade stainless steel palettes at all my bookings. These palettes are run through a dishwasher and then wiped down with isopropyl alcohol between every client.

Pads, Puffs, Sponges, Spoolies, and the Like

All disposable applicators are either given to you at the end of the session or thrown away. I make a point to use as few disposable applicators as possible to avoid being wasteful, but some of those that I do use can come in handy for touch-ups later in the day. Any items that you could reuse yourself will be included in your touch-up kit at the end of the session.

Everything Else

I pack extra containers in my make-up kit in order to keep all “used” brushes and products separate from fresh ones. As I remove items from my kit, you’ll notice that I place them back in a separate case; this ensures that there is no cross-contamination both throughout the session and during transport back to my studio at the end of the day. Even though used items never touch the “clean” case, I still disinfect it at least once per month. The “dirty” case is disinfected between every client.

The stylists I work with disinfect their curling irons, flat irons, combs, and all other equipment after each use.

If you have any questions about my practices, feel free to contact me.