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Top 3: Favorite Lipsticks

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I’m just going to come right out and say that I love MAC lipsticks. Across the board, I haven’t owned one that I had any issues with. I think part of it is my own personal preferences and physical qualities perfectly align with what MAC creates in their lippies: I prefer lipstick that isn’t too creamy or slippery, and I don’t like too much fragrance. Along those lines, while I own very few of their glosses (I have divergent preferences in that area), I think I have just a few lipsticks in my collection that aren’t MAC.

On a day-to-day basis, I often wear gloss, but when I am in the mood to shake it up, the lipsticks I reach for are quite varied. Here are my Top 3:

Lipstick (Russian Red)

1. MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

I am a firm believer that a good, strong red lip can have a completely transformative effect on a woman – not just her face, but everything about her! I know I feel saucier and more powerful when I wear red. Given my pinky-red skin undertones, red lipsticks that lean more orange completely wash me out, and even neutral, true reds can be hit-or-miss depending on their depth. Russian Red is a neutral that leans ever so slightly to the blue side, which is just enough to be spot-on for me. It totally brightens my whole face! While I do occasionally wear reds with shimmer or sheen, I definitely lean more towards mattes. There is just something classic about that flat, matte finish – it’s so Old Hollywood Glam.

Lipstick (Vegas Volt)

2. MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I reach for Vegas Volt. It is just the epitome of a fun lip color for me. While it does lean towards the orangey-coral side, it’s not so orange that it washes me out. The brightness definitely balances out the warmth on my particular complexion, leaving it seeming more neutral in tone but totally an attention-getter. I can’t help but feel peppy when I wear this lipstick.

Lipstick (2N)

3. MAC Lipstick in 2N

This is a perfect true nude lip on me – it completely blanks out my lips without making me look like a zombie. I’m so torn over the fact that it was limited edition! I am always on the lookout for a spot-on dupe (with nudes, it’s incredibly easy to veer into the death look when you’re already super-pale, so it would have to be an exact color match). The formula on nudes is also critical, as they so often wind up being too creamy and settling into lip lines or appearing patchy, and 2N nails it in the formula department: smooth but not too creamy, so the color goes on and wears completely evenly. Whenever I want to de-emphasize my lips and draw the focus entirely to another area of my face, this is the lipstick I reach for.

Even though I am so loyal to MAC lipsticks, I’d love for you to please share any of your favorite lipsticks in the comments section. Maybe I’ll discover new brands (or even existing ones) that blow my socks off even more!

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