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Loving Lately: Fuller Brows

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Brows 1 About six months ago I decided that it was time to shed the brow style I’d been sporting since my teens in favor of something fuller and softer – and there are no words for how much I am loving this look on me!

Not knowing any better (and it being the late 90s, after all), I had followed the advice of a grown woman in my life that my brows needed more of an arch when I began plucking them at around age 14 or 15. Fortunately I didn’t go full-on tadpole brows or true 90s skinny brows…that never would have been a good look on me, and I fear I would’ve been stuck with it the rest of my life like so many of my friends that had fallen for the 90s brow trends hook, line, and sinker. I did go pretty strong, though, as you can see from the “Before” photo: very high arch with a slight, thin tail. Given the natural shape of my brows, to get an arch that high, it had to be angular. I wound up with a very pointy, sharp brow that – while it fit the definition of the advice I was given and likely pleased that advice-giver – did not at all suit my face.

I spent over 10 years sporting a brow look that did nothing to complement or soften my already angular face – square jaw, high cheekbones, straight nose. It wasn’t a terribly extreme brow, so it may have suited plenty of other women, but it certainly did my face no favors whatsoever.

As the fuller brow look came back into fashion recently, I really liked how it suited most models’ faces, and a lot of models have strong features like mine. I decided to give it a go and began the arduous task of growing in my brows. It was so, so tortuous at first – the desire to pluck out little hairs growing in was incredibly strong, and my brows looked ridiculously shaggy for quite some time as the hairs grew in incredibly unevenly. At this point, I think I’ve grown in all the hairs I’m going to get, and they are still a little patchy and sparse without make-up to fill them in.

However, I LOVE THEM!! I think the fuller, softer, more rounded arch suits my face so much better, as you can see in the “After” picture. I’m simply never going to get truly FULL brows (even before I ever plucked them, I was definitely not blessed with a strong brow like Brooke Shields), but I think the as-full-as-I-can-get look is perfect for me. It still looks clean and crisp, which I prefer over bushy, and I can actually tweak the shape for different looks if I want to. Plus, I have a sum total of about 10 hairs to pluck to keep them in shape! With my past brow look, I had to pluck on an almost-daily basis to keep stray hairs at bay, and now I can go a whole week or even two weeks without doing much to them at all.

I’m definitely never going back to my former arches – full brows are here to stay on me!

How about you? Have you ever plucked your brows within an inch of their lives? Did you ever grow yours in? What brow shape do you find most flattering (on yourself – or others)?

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