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Review: Sigma Crème de Couture Palette

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Now that I’ve done a few looks with this palette, I feel pretty confident writing up a general review. I don’t intend for this to be a thorough product-review blog, but since I don’t really delve deeply into my thoughts on specific products when I write up LOTDs, it’s probably helpful to occasionally talk about them more in-depth in separate posts.

After the Sigma Crème de Couture Palette blew up amongst all the YouTube beauty gurus, I couldn’t help myself and gave into the hype. I’m usually not one to jump on make-up bandwagons (mostly because I have sensitive skin, so I can’t be impulsive about beauty buys), but this palette seemed genuinely unique and I knew it would fill a big hole in my makeup collection.

If you, like I do, tend to veer more towards shimmery eyeshadow purchases, this is an excellent matte palette to spring for. Even us shimmery-leaning gals will wind up with matte neutrals as they are so often included in mixed palettes, but bright mattes are hard to come by – especially of good quality.

Speaking of quality, I don’t know that I stand with the people bashing this palette for the tendency the colors have to be sheer or chalky – bright mattes by their very nature can be a little finicky. I think the colors are well pigmented, and the texture is soft and smooth. Yes, they are a little dusty and can definitely go on sheer without a solid primer, but that’s just the name of the game with bright mattes from ANY brand, no matter how high-end or low-end. I honestly like the versatility that these shadows have: if I want the bright to be less intense, I can use them with just my normal primers; if I want a full-on pop of fantastic true-to-pan color, then I also use a stickier base to grab onto the shadow as I apply it.

If I were to come up with any complaint about this palette, it would be in the area of blendability. These shadows stay put, and if you try to blend them out, they just kind of fade away. The best way to blend these shadows is to alternate packing color onto the transition area between two shades. I’m not sure why this works and regular blending methods don’t, but it’s the method I’ve come up with through a bit of trial-and-error.

Overall, I love the colors in this palette – the selection of ultra-violet and pure blues, pinks to oranges to browns, and some pops of green is wonderfully well-rounded. It’s incredibly versatile, as the lighter shades and the browns can easily be used for daytime or typical work-appropriate looks, but you also have the vibrant colors when you want a party on your eyes. The quality is good and nothing I wouldn’t expect from matte brights, and the packaging is super-cute. I think anyone that would wear fun colors for eyeshadow could definitely stand to add the Sigma Crème de Couture Palette to their collection!

Have you tried the palette? What were your thoughts? Are their any similar shadows or palettes from other brands that you prefer?

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