• LOTD: Pretty Pinks

    I wanted something very simple and pretty today as I was aiming to get ready quickly for an appointment. I decided to just go with some soft, matte pinks on my eyes and somewhat-matching pink gloss for my lips. For my skin… Allover:

  • NOTW: Beige Baby Stilettos

    I’ve jumped on the baby-stiletto-bandwagon lately. I tried them for the first time a few weeks ago, and I first painted them with little heart tips. Then I repainted them in a custom mix of polishes to create a slightly shimmery blood-red color. This week, I’m going with a nice neutral – Julep Nail Vernis […]

  • LOTD: Glowy Gold

    I was somewhat inspired by a YouTube tutorial that I watched while getting ready this morning, so I went for a bit of a burnished gold look that was very glowy. For my skin… Allover:

  • Top 3: Skincare Tips

    I hardly seem to go a day without getting compliments on my skin. Fortunately, I have great genes. My mom has amazing skin that is ageing beautifully, and it seems I’ve inherited that same porcelain skin. However, I’m just as convinced that a few key things have been instrumental to both ensuring that my skin […]

  • Beauty Philosophy: HD Setting Powders

    Since their inception several years ago, HD setting powders have taken the world by storm. At this point, some of their downsides have been made quite apparent all over the Internet – the main one being that while they work absolutely splendidly for HD filming or under studio lighting conditions, they respond atrociously to flash […]