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Review: Flight Deck Cosmetics Blush in Elevation and Approach

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When it comes to blush, I’m generally not that adventurous. I tend to reach for subtle colors in rosy- or peachy-pinks, and I never really experiment with application methods or more stand-out shades. That said, I think Flight Deck Cosmetics may be the line to break me out of my shell!

These blushes are formulated as nearly pure pigment that is incredibly finely-milled. The texture is almost unbelievably soft and smooth, and it allows them to be applied either true-to-pan or beautifully sheered out – and everything in between. If it wasn’t for this impeccable formula, I could never pull off these blushes on my ghost-pale skin without them being completely overwhelming. As it is, I can apply just an-ever-so-slight wash of tint over my cheeks, and it doesn’t look at all patchy. Just utter glowy goodness. The buildable color means these blushes will hands-down, without-a-doubt suit all skin tones. For people with deeper complexions than mine, a heavier hand or layered application will show up wonderfully, and if by some miracle you happen to actually be more ghostly than I am, you could surely feather it out enough to not be too much.

Since I barely even touch the product with a stippling brush to pick up enough color, these puppies are going to last me decades before I run out. Even if you apply it more strongly than I do, the degree of pigment in these blushes is just outstanding, so they’ll surely last you ages before hitting pan.

I didn’t bother to include swatch photos only because the formula makes these blushes so versatile that I could literally include a dozen swatches of each shade and still not convey how sheer-to-standout you can apply the color. Just take my word for it – even if you think the shades are too intense or may not show up, you can absolutely make them work no matter your skin tone.

At first glance, I was totally drawn to Approach. The rosy-pink shade is right up my alley, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s the perfect, natural pink for a lovely flush, and I’m sure I’ll reach for it often.

Stepping out of my norm, I sprang for Elevation. After testing the formula on the back of my hand, I had a feeling that even though it’s an amazingly intense coral shade, I could sheer it out to something I liked. Little did I know it would become my new favorite blush once I’d applied it to my cheeks…! It gives me a breath-taking doll-like glow, and I can’t believe I’ve never tried a shade like this before. While I don’t see myself gunning for that kind of pinched porcelain look often, I will no doubt use it more often than I’d anticipated.

I’m definitely looking forward to future shades Davine develops for his blushes. The formula is like no other I’ve tried before, and I will eagerly purchase new additions to his collection!

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